Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paper, Scissors... my date with Erin

Ok to recap all of you on what led to this...

I was at Sundance and met a way cute girl who I asked on a date and then chatted with on facebook. we dicided to go to lunch at RIB CITY (I love this place!!! It's in A.F and you SOOOOOO gotta go there!)... It was conversation tennis, back and forth and back and forth. Admittedly it was a bit long.

At the end I did my best "this was fun we should do this again what do you say?" She responded with "I liked your stories. And it was such a pleasure to meet you."

We drove separatly and that sounded like a just friends in the making to me so I bolted. I left her in mid thought. I walked to my car, got in and was driving off as she was walking out laughing in shock that I had taken off. I rolled down the window to say take care and she said that that would be leading up to a yes had I stayed.

What you are about to read is my email to her, her response and my response to her response:

February 3 at 2:44pm
Some people are over-hyped (Queen Latifah, Samuel L Jackson, The Jonas Brothers)...

Some are as amazing as you hope they'd be... you're on my list.

Your smile was as cute as I remembered... your hug (pre-awkwardness) was comfortable and easy like sunday morning... and the best thing about you has nothing to do with your outsides even though outwardly you are most popular girl in school hot.

Second date or not... you're not paper or scissors, you: rock.


PS More hugs please.
February 3 at 3:41pm

First, let me just say that you are a very cool person and have a very cool personality and it was great to talk to you about things that we had in common. I said yes to a date in the first place because you were so sweet with all the nice compliments that you gave me (girl's love that!) and I knew that talking to you would be comfortable.

That said, let me give you my honest reaction. Initally I thought that we would just have lunch and then I would say see ya, but then you talked about having the opportunity to take me out on another date and doing something fun and I told myself that I should go out with you again and see how that went. So when I told you that I thought you were cool and it was an honor to meet you, I meant it. I was then going to say that I think you asking me out again would be o.k.,.. but someone jumped to conclusions and stormed out before I got to finish.

So I am now realizing that you would have been fine just leaving me behind by myself, feeling stupid, while you stormed off. So the impression I got from that is, that if you don't get the answer you want, you are going to bail fast! The fact that I went after you and tried to figure out what was up should have told you that I respected your feelings. So I know this is a long email just for me to say no to a second date but I am hoping that you don't do this to another girl who may not be completely decided right away. Unfortunately, you can talk great things all you want, but your actions spoke volumns to me. Even if I had said no, Skippy you should have at least walked me out to my car. I mean, if you think I am just sooooo fabulous, don't you think I should be treated with respect? I don't carry grudges and I do hope that if we run into each other again that we can hug and be friends!!! I don't doubt that you will continue to amaze all the people around you!!!!

Today at 8:37am
Erin :o)

First... Ok.

Second... My life is a steady stream of one lets be friends after another. I'm looking for people who want to go on dates and see if they are interested in me (I know, I know I walked off before you could say yes and that sucked for me to do I'm aware of that... NOW).

I remember on my mission one of my DL's telling me that if you knew the exact number of doors it would take to knock on to get a baptism... you would start knocking and go through the motions of the other ones and hurry til you got to THE one. He said that standing on doorsteps trying to convince NO's to say yes is futile and that you are wasting your time and theirs. So take the no and move on to your yes.

We drove separately, it had all the makings of a no and my talking had kept you there til you were looking at your watch every couple of minutes (I know you had work but that is a sign and if I were smarter I should have bailed THEN).

By the way... who starts off a yes I'd love to go on a date with you speech with "It was a pleasure meeting you" ?!?!?! You might be the only person on the planet to ever do that. To me it sounded like a prelude to a just friends. So I left. Other doors to knock til I get a girl who wants 2 or more dates.

My leaving like I did is one of the things that may make me single but it's memorable and at this point aren't you glad I did.

I meant what I said about another date. You are cute and fun to be around and interesting. I get why I'm single. I still have no clue why you are. Unless you always tell the guys you like that it's a pleasure to meet them (just say yes or hug them or kiss them or flirt... we guys tune out mid way through the prologue and don't end up finishing the book if the beginning doesn't capture our attention).

ok so no second date... bummer.

--Skippy-- The one who got away by cutting the line himself.

(To my blog friends... what do you think?!?!?)