Friday, September 19, 2008

Under the gun

I've got til midnight to type something so this might not make too much sense.

Ok here is where I'm currently at with my life.

I'm back to being viewed as old since next month is my birthday and the grim reaper of age is casting a shadow on my social life. When I was 27 and girls asked me how old I was I would say 32 and when they freked out I would tell them how old I actually was and they would look at me like "27 is old but a least it's not 32". I'm not too far away from that age and I don't think I could say 36 and be believed... What it boils down to is that I'm not happy with my age even though I'm quite happy with who I am.

1985 seems like forever ago and yet "Doc Brown" and "Marty" (Back to the Future) have not returned with the time machine that they supposedly built. This leads me to believe that the time machine never gets built. Let's say they did build it... eventually two idiots like Bill and Tedd would let the secret out and we would know about it by now. I fear that only a time machine could save my social life.

If the time machine never happens and unless girls really start valuing personality over looks it seems I may never find the kind of girl I'm searching for. My moms grandmotherly biological clock is ticking so somethings gotta give. Get married, get babies or get a gun.

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