Thursday, September 25, 2008

What do we want?

Today, in the communications class that requires I have a blog, we discussed Sarah Pallin and Joe Biden. A group had us vote for the future V.P. which led me to wonder if there was a combo I liked less than the two groups running for office today. When it comes to voting I'm not thinking in terms of who to vote for but who I hate less.

On the one hand you have Oldie Mc-war-vet and his inexperienced hockey mom. On the other side you have Token Oprah-newbie and his plageristic running mate Joseph Biden-my-time-in politics. Both sides seem to want change but when you've had a president as horrible as GW Bush ANY person would want change. And unless GW changes the constitution then change will happen. I'm just not excited for the upcoming change because of the poeple wanting to change it.

Race or gender don't make a difference to me. Both the woman and the black man are inexperienced so they cancel each other out. The two old white guys have both been in there too long and both are vanilla as far as personality.

One side wants to raise my taxes and the other side voted 90% of the time with the person who got us into the financial jam we're in as a country. One side wants to leave us in Iraq for forever and one side wants to withdraw ASAP.

Where's the JUST RIGHT?!?! You know in the Goldie Locks and the 3 bears story... one bed was too hard, one bed was too soft and the other was just right... that's what I want!

In what seems to be the most historic election of my lifetime I find myself wanting to vote "none of the above" and wishing that there was a way to change the change that's coming.

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