Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to do something about nothing.

I know that hate is a strong word that should be saved for Satan, Mondays and meter maids but I HATE BUSH! I don't mean shrubbery or Geoge Bush Sr. I mean GW BUSH. And the reason I hate him was for tuning me into an independant.

Like many, I grew up in Utah County as church going, evil avoiding, son of 20th generation Republicans. I attended rallies and by the age of 13 had met both Senators, all three congress people and even the govornor. I loved my country and my state and I thought that the worst thing you could do was have a chubby chaser in the white house.

But things change. Bush got elected and I didn't care. 9-11 happened and for people of my generation it woke us up and made you care. The war started. You turned on the TV to see how the troops were doing. You listedned to country music and sang song songs about America and how we were gonna get the bad guys. And time started to pass. And soon truth comes out. And soon we find that our leaders didn't know what they were doing. So then we goback and listen to the stuff we weren't paying attention to in the name of freedom cause at the time how dare you question the Commander and Chief. And the more you review what happened and the things he said and did... the more you realize that we're being led by a moron.

I think the only two jobs where you have to know how to be charismatic and speak REALLY well are President and used car salesman. And yet because of 9-11 momentum he somehow got re-elected. I'm still shocked that Bush was able to beat Al Gore and John Kerry. The guy is a modern day Catwoman with 9 lives and no doubt a spandex costume. Listening to him give a speech is like listening to a drunk guy at a bar... it's uncomfortable, he never ends his words with "g's" (it's always fittin' or raftin' or huntin') and you can sense he doesn't really know what he's talking about. He's a laughing stock.

Ok so you wanna sound like an idiot, be my guest, but be a leader. Do something positive. But the longer he stayed president the higher gas prices soared and more innocent people died. People continued protesting (and I hate most protesters because they are usually smelly and have ideas that are more radical and extreme than the people or company they are prostesting). The world hated America and I started hating our president and became (forgive me mom and dad) an independant.

I'm not in favor of drugs, gay marriage and killing unborn babies so I can't be a Democrat. I think Bush is a moron, I don't think the rich should get richer and I think guns should be moderated slightly so I can't be a Republican. President Monson isn't running so I can't be a Monson-ite. I guess I'm an independent.

Richard Pryor was in this GREAT movie in the 80's called "Brewsters Millions" (rent it and then thank me later) where as a way to blow millions of dollars he runs for political office and encourages the voters not to vote for either of the people running for office. His campaign was to vote "none of the above. I like that idea.

Neither party has someone I really support. If I wanted a smooth talking, popular, black guy as president I'd vote for Will Smith. If I wanted and old crazy guy as president I'd vote for... ok nevermind I wouldn't vote. My point is neither side impresses me. They should just put "none of the above" and if more people vote for that an either canidate then both sides have to go back and resubmit canidates who would then have a shorter time campaign and we vote again til someone gets 55% of the vote. 49.9 against 50.1 is stupid... if your supporters couldn't get 6 more of thier friends to vote for you then you don't deserve to win. Win by 5 points or do it over.

This is a call to action my fellow people who hate both canidates but also hate crazy independants like Joseph Lieberman and Ralph Nader. Let us write in rediculous names like Heywood Jabiteme, Phil Macrevis and Tony Danza rather than vote for people who are very vanilla (even if their skin is chocolate). Let's all write a blog or only surf sites that support fun stuff. And lastly if ever given the chance to vote for a none of the above, take it! Even if that means Noneoftheabove is his last name. It's not any wierder than Bytheway or Jessop.

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