Friday, November 21, 2008

Cool Stuff

I'm a fan of cool stuff.

Here's a list of what I think is cool (in no particular order):

* Hugs
* Smiles
* Smash Mouth
* Matt Lewis Band
* Cory Mon
* Bare Naked Ladies (the musicians... this is not me confessing)
* The Office
* Prision Break
* Survivor
* ALL of the people I work with (and if I don't mention Dennis by name he will ask me why I didn't mention him by name). (And Holli because she is WAY cool and she leaves me goodies like mini sparkling ciders)
* Good conversation
* My friends
* My Beliefs
* Diversity
* Tolerance
* My family
* My Cats
* Teachers who give you school credit for typing a blog
* Institute
* The word pillow
* Pillows
* Alaskan summers with Princess Tours and all of the amazing people up there!
* Orlando summers and all of the people at The Daily Buzz
* Meeting celebs
* Jack R Christianson!!!!!
* The Michigan Lansing Mission
* People who DON'T take the lords name in vain
* Chalupas
* Working out
* Work out buddies
* Running buddies
* Funny websites
* People who can walk around on campus WITHOUT the use of head phones
* Staying in touch with old friends
* People who can take criticism
* People who can give criticism in a gentle way
* Self confidendence
* Self mastery
* Prophets
* Facebook
* Myspace
* Finding places that aren't main stream yet but amazing
* Happy music
* Deep lyrics
* Happy music with shallow lyrics that is fun anyways
* People forgiving me for typing and grammar errors!

Here is ROUND 2 of things I think are cool:

* People who can appreciate both sides of an issue
* People who know that although there is a God he does not care who wins a football game or sporting event (this means YOU BYU fans... your sins or lack of them had no outcome on the game)
* Apporpriately timed silence (pauses or moments of silence are beautiful... stupid people not knowing what to say for a couple of seconds also counts as gold)
* Childrens choirs
* Babies laughing
* Kittens and puppies
* Stepping on a leaf and hearing it crunch
* Popping bubble wrap
* Spelling a word correctly you're unsure of... the bigger the word the better the feeling
* Following your feelings NOT to do something and never knowing why
* Wisdom from God
* Wisdom from movies
* Overcoming fears by simply trying something new
* Being humble enough to accept help from others
* Giving help to people in need
* Waking up in another city and forgetting where you are... those couple of moments while your brain processes where you are is AWESOME
* Fresh out of the oven cookies (Annie just brought some up to the front desk)
* Finding out what your parents were like when they were your age
* Improving the genetics of you family by marrying a person WAY cuter than yourself (I hope I hope I hope)
* Finding ways to relate to people younger than you (my cousin Joyanna has a son who is 12 and he is a stud... I hope he feels he can turn to me as he gets older)
* Companies who have GREAT customer service and who will lose money if necessary to keep a coustomer
* People who can find ways of being unique without going out of their way to piss others off. Being a rebel and being a jerk seem to be synonomous.



Brenda said...

L.O.V.E. the list so far. Keep it going. Far too few people write these things down and tend to forget why they are on this earth in the first place!

Holli said...

I like your list of cool things. you should probably add me to the list.. im cool right? heh jk

Holli said...

Heck yes.

Brenda said...

I am also a fan of people who update their blog while at work. Come on man....your fans await! Get on it! You can doooooooo it!
Ready, Set, go...On your mark, get get my point. Oh and thanks for the movie update. Much appreciated.