Monday, November 10, 2008

Google me!

Look at what I found when broswing my name online:

And this was the year before as reported by USA

Mandy Moore says, "I Don't"

The premiere of the darkly comic love story Dedication ended with a surprise for co-star Mandy Moore: a wedding proposal.

As the cast took a bow onstage after the movie finished its first Sundance screening, a man in the second row, who identified himself as "Skippy" got the first question: "I don't think I?ll ever get a chance to ask this again, but … Mandy Moore, will you marry me?"

Dedication director Justin Theroux said, "I'll mediate that question. Mandy Moore, that's Skippy. …Will you marry him?"

The singer-actress melted in giggles, covering her face. "God bless. Thanks, Skippy," Theroux said. "I think that's a 'no' though."

Skippy did present Moore with a t-shirt he made and got a picture with her afterward.
Later, an audience member directed a question to Dedication's leading man, Billy Crudup. "I was wondering …"

Crudup got a big laugh by cutting the man off and declaring loudly: "YES! I will!" It was actually a question about how he researched the role.

This is how it happend!



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