Friday, October 10, 2008

If it's not fun... walk out!

I had back to back days of memorable girl encounters. I'll start with the one on Wed night:

So there was a girl that I met on a social networking sight and because I thought she was cute I added her. So we messaged back and forth. I then got her msn messanger and we did more IM'ing. We swapped numbers and had some flirty phone calls. All was well in the world.

When it came time to meeting she said that she and her friend would be going shopping at the University Mall and I could meet them there. I'm pretty metro-sexual and therefore malls don't frighten me, so I agree. It's someplace public, a place to see lots of stuff, we were driving sparately but could have left together since her friend drove... a good place to meet for the first time.

Wow how she sucked! When I walked up to her I was smiling big and said HI and she gave a very casual "hey". Then she started shopping and turned into a dull transe of looking at stuff. Her friend who seems kinda whorish (since she was always looking at outfits that were 20 lbs out of her weight range and saying how her boyfriend would love it if she could keep it on) had a radar that let her know everytime I was asking my semi-date something interesting cause she would barge in everytime it seemed like things might be going well.

The longer we shopped the less we talked and the more bored I got. By the time we were close to making a full loop of the mall the girls weren't even paying attention to me or where I was. I turned my back to look at something and they headed down a hall without saying anything. So I took that as my chance to make my escape and I did.

I left. I didn't say a thing I just kept walking.

Later she texted me to ask where I was and I told her I had left since there was no chemistry, she seemed bored and since she hadn't asked me a single question all night. Later her friend called and cursed me out. But oh well.

THE NEXT night a girl I had been on a date with that I met at church and who I had been messaging on facebook, texted me to see if I wanted to hang out after she got done with work. So at 6 she came over.

She picked me up and said she wanted to go to Utah Lake. On our way out there we say an amazing sunset. We even pulled over it was SO BEAUTFUL! It was chilly and we stood close but never touched.

A lil background, the date before we cuddled a bit and I even kissed her without warning. This threw her off sincve it was the first kiss she had had since she came home off her mission 2 months ago.

So we arrive at Utah Lake. The view was really pretty. We sat in her car listening to music and talking. It was nice. Then we took a walk around the boat dock area. When we stopped the wind was blowing and I asked for a hug which was warm and sweet. Then we started walking back... which is where it got bad fast.

So I said to her I was glad that she had brought me there. And she said that she wanted me to know we would always be friends. WAIT!!! "Be friends? ... as in just friends?" "Yes."she said. "You brought me HERE to give me a let's just be friends?!?!" She said she thought it would be nice and since she had never been it would be ok.

NOTE TO GUYS and GIRLS: Don't take a person to a REALLY romantic spot to give them a let's just be friends talk. It sends the wrong signals.

So we didn't talk much on the way back and I deleted all the special text messages we shared.

2-days 2-girls Skippy 0-2


Jack (h2oetry) said...

Sorry, Skip. Are you going to keep a running tally for the girl scoreboard? Maybe as a sidebar on the blog?

Man, Utah Lake is a bad place to get the friends talk.

Laurie said...

Argh, some women ruin the genuinely good guys for the rest of us!

When my husband was single and dating in Los Angeles, soon before he met me, he had sent a girl a dozen red roses after the third date, thinking things were going really well. She freaked and asked him to never contact her. When I heard this story, I silently cursed her for putting it in his head that being romantic and going the extra mile was not cool. *I* wanted red roses after our third date! At the same time, though, I'm glad she didn't see the awesomeness that he has! (I ended up getting TWO dozen red roses after a few dates, delivered to my work so all my coworkers would see. Ha...)