Friday, November 7, 2008

Who is in YOUR cabinet?

So now that Barak is President and needs to select people to serve on his cabinet it got me to thinking... who would be on MY cabinet? Here are my nominations:

Department of Agriculture: Someone who knows fruit and farming... THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT

Department of the Interior : That guy from Extreme Home Makeover... Ty something. Or maybe the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy people to add some diversity.

Department of Commerce : Mitt Romney... he's good with money and he'd be there to fix the rest of the problems.

Department of Justice : I'm going with Judge Wapner of The Peoples Court.

Department of Defense : Chuck Norris!

Department of Labor : Brenda from work. She is one of my bosses and she works DANG hard. Plus she speaks a little spanish.

Department of Education : Former UVU President Bill Sederberg. He is an excellent educator.

Department of State : Brigham Young the first Govornor of the state of Utah.

Department of Energy : Richard Simmons seems to have a lot of energy... why not him.

Department of Transportation : When I worked in Alaska as a bus driver one of my favorite coworkers was a guy named John Kinmonth. He's a hippie but he rocks AND he has a cute wife.

Department of Health &Human Services : My trainer at Golds Gym would be good at this... Clint Friel.

Department of the Treasury : Another good money guy is Scrooge McDuck. IF you don't know who he is look up the name. He would be the only person on my cabinet who could show up to every meeting not wearing pants.

Department ofHomeland Security : Osama Bin Laden (you see I'd appont him and then when he showed up for his first day on the job Chuck Norris would give him a round house to the throat and take over both positions)

Department ofVeterans Affairs : Mccain is old and wants to be in the White House. There would be room for him there.

Department of Housing &Urban Development : Jay-Z seems pretty urban... maybe Doctor Dre; afterall he is a doctor.

That's my list!

PS My first lady would be Mandy Moore after she get's baptised mormon.

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Casey said...

First the watches and now this? know I would have found a spot for you on my cabinet! Unbelievable!